Lingua Polonica

About the Polish language

The Polish language although “is beautiful and rich” does not belong to simple grammatical systems, and its phonetics may cause small difficulties. However these are not obstacles which could not be surmounted.

It Is possible to learn this language with help from qualified teachers, verified methods, professionally prepared and individually selected programs, and interesting didactic equipment. It is also very important to become familiar with the language due to the fact that it may facilitate the foreigners in everyday life in Poland and may allow them to overcome the cultural barriers. It may be also beneficiary on the professional ground. Foreign employees will easier adapt themselves to new situation, become more integrated with other staff and their efficiency will grow up.

To achieve these we use especially prepared programs. They are adjusted to customers’ expectations and requirements. They have been written by qualified teachers with long experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language, supported by knowledge of methods suitable for adults.

The special construction of classes allows the student to communicate in Polish by himself in short time. On the initial stage we put emphasis on communication skills, which does not mean we neglect the importance of writing and reading abilities.

Students do not have to memorize whole structures. New material is introduced, naturally assimilated and consolidated throughout acting in simple communication situations. Its grammatical and lexical range was selected adequately and has a practical dimension. Due to proper program construction simple elements are utilized to build more and more complicated structures.

It is worth to stress that all classes are conducted in Polish language. From the first meeting the student “becomes accustomed” with the language, gets used to it. The native speaker without using any other language clearly and understandably introduces the new language. This is possible due to the fact that on classes are used interesting visual materials, multimedia programs, interesting texts, games and crosswords. All these causes that the stress related to new language learning is practically eliminated.

We are trying to bring about optimal conditions to master our language and to become familiar with our culture, therefore we offer individual or group classes at different levels –starting from beginners throughout semi-advanced and finally advanced.