Lingua Polonica


As a company, we select our teachers with the greatest care and that’s why our team consists of real professionals. All our teachers have University degrees and qualifications in teaching foreigners. They are creative, open, patient, nice, helpful, and, what’s most important, always enthusiastic about their work. To make lessons more interesting, they prepare numerous, fascinating, original materials and they use all teaching techniques known to them in order to assist their students on their way to gain success. A teacher’s style of work depends on the needs and possibilities of a given student. We try to match a student and a teacher in order to create the best possible set-up for our student. It is well-known that a lot depends on mutual understanding between the parties and on a good atmosphere during lessons. We believe that this is a very important aspect of our work, that is why each of our clients -students may choose a teacher that suits him best, and with whom he would like to continue classes. Our teachers always do their best to satisfy the growing needs of clients. They accommodate their students’ needs and expectations. They are experiences methodologists of Polish as a foreign language. From the very beginning, lessons are conducted in Polish, but each of our teachers knows at least one foreign language (English, German, Spanish, Russian, etc.). You are welcome to take advantage of our free sample lesson. This will help you to see that you’ve just read is true in real life.